Ink and Iron: Stumptown Printers



Stumptown Printers was started by friends who wanted to honor the traditions of the golden age of print.

We love the work of Stumptown Printers. Their shop is filled with old iron machines, a clutter of tooling, type, scraps, and chest high stacks of prints. The feeling of their paper, the rich colors and clean designs that pair well with offset lithography or letterpress printing, have a warm quality that feels familiar, looks clean and takes time to produce. They are old school printers who have found a way for traditional printing methods to prevail in a world of Xerox machines, digital downloads and photo-realistic designs.  Read more…

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Posted on: April 9th, 2018

Built by humans. Found some old photos from when @pereiracycles and @iraryancycles started working together and we built a handful of lugged #Continentals. We have grown a lot in how we organize and manage the framebuilding but we still build every frame custom to fit by hand. #sopwamtos #builtinportland #madeinOregon #tbt

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Posted on: October 8th, 2015

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