Breadwinner Blend coffee by Water Avenue


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The Breadwinner blend is rich, full bodied, and wonderfully balanced (just like our bikes!). Farm Direct Coffees from Water Avenue’s coffee producing partners in central and south America come together for a cup full of the flavors of hazelnut, milk chocolate, and a hint of navel orange. Ideal for brewing as drip or french press.

Ira and Tony picked the Breadwinner Blend in person based on the values we build into every custom bicycle.  We value a bike that is well made and can be used daily and the Breadwinner Blend is versatile whether you’re starting out for a ride or making the perfect cup of afternoon brew at the campsite. This is our go to coffee in the shop and comes in a 12 oz bag. We order weekly to keep the whole beans fresh so please allow a few days to ship.