Breadwinner Bottle by Tacx!


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

We all need water when we ride and we are happy to show off our Breadwinner water bottle by Tacx. The design was created by Portland based artist, Mary Lytle and inspired by our love of maps. The navy blue bottles and caps feature our light blue printing in a simple design. A great match for your next adventure!

As a small business focused on building bikes to make people and the planet healthier, it is important to find ways to reduce our footprint in any way. We want our bikes to last lifetimes while we strive to reduce waste and CO2 we put into our atmosphere. This is why we’ve opted for the environmentally-friendly Tacx Shiva O2 bottle which is made from emission reducing sugarcane.

The 500ml bottles features an easy to squeeze bottle, recyclable plastic, and an ergonomic, easy grip cap with lockable pull-out spout. The Tacx design has been proven by thousands of professional riders and teams! Bottles sold as a pair.

How does the CO2 reduction work? During the growth process of sugarcane the crop takes harmful CO2 emissions out of the air. From the stalk we retrieve among other biproducts ethanol, a renewable raw material that is the basis for “green plastics”.  The bottle and cap are made in The Netherlands using 100% recyclable BPA and PET(E) Free renewable sugarcane so you can feel better knowing after your bottle is done, it won’t sit in a landfill for a lifetime. Drink well.