Relocation Update

Posted on: July 7th, 2017

We moved to a central location and we’re opening a coffee shop.


Big changes are happening for Breadwinner Cycles in 2017. We started the year like the years prior making frames out of the owner’s garages. Tony’s workshop and Ira’s workshop are only 12 blocks away from each other in the North Portland neighborhood of Arbor Lodge. Their sole employee worked mostly out of Ira’s and handled everything post-paint, plus marketing. We had a well kitted pre-paint shop and a well kitted post-paint shop. Things were going smoothly but some internal communication was slow and we felt it was time to move everything under one roof to make us more profitable and sustainable when it comes to making bikes efficiently and paying our employees comfortably.

Enter opportunity at 2323 N. Williams Ave.

The building with the rental sign still up and realtors van in the parking lot.

The 3000sq ft building is a bit more than we need for Breadwinner Cycles but it did foster Tony’s dream of building the Breadwinner brand into something more than just bicycles. We solicited some help with the lease agreement and tenant improvements and in April decided to make the jump and sign the lease.

“We want to create a place where cyclists begin and end their rides, commuters stop before and after work, and cycling enthusiasts always feel welcome. We’ll have espresso and brewed coffee from Water Ave, fresh pastries and bagels from local bakeries and delicious food that people want to take on their bike rides. With a window on to the shop floor, every day will offer a new peek at our beautiful bicycles as they are built. ” — Tony Pereira

By mid-May we had packed up everything at Ira’s and Tony’s and moved all of production to the new building. Avoiding production delays was a top priority. By mid May we had started our first batch at the new location.

breadwinner cycles shop coffee shop portland custom bike bicycle
Ira filing chainstays for batch 49.

The first step was to move the machines in and start building work stations. We arranged the mills around the perimeter with prep and finishing stations in the center.

breadwinner cycles shop coffee shop portland custom bike bicycle
Mitering stations.
breadwinner cycles shop coffee shop bicycles portland
In the foreground is the brazing bench with arbor presses on the right to dimple chain stays. Ira is standing in front of a filing bench where tubes are prepped and fillets are finished. Behind him is the mitering mill and the stay slotter.
We make head tube rings, hog out seat collars and make other miscellaneous bits on this old Montgomery Ward lathe.
Breadwinner cycles custom bikes shop coffee location
Here’s another view of the main floor. The far wall will have the assembly and shipping area. We are saving the final design and build out of that for when we finish installing the rest of the windows that will look into the shop from the cafe.
Breadwinner cycles custom bikes shop coffee location
Frames waiting on parts. Damn you back orders!
Breadwinner cycles custom bikes shop coffee location
This is where the coffee shop is going to live. Oof! We have a lot of work to do.
This is what 80 hour work weeks look like. Can you tell?
Breadwinner cycles custom bikes shop coffee location
This is what the exterior may look like. The shop is from the garage doors over. The coffee shop is in the center and the right side has offices and a fit studio and showroom.

We know riding bikes has a lot to do with community. We aren’t trying to say there isn’t a lot to gain from personal achievements or clearing the head on a solo spin. What we can say is we are excited to build on the healthy cycling community in Portland. If you are in the neighborhood please stop by the new coffee shop and enjoy some delicious Water Ave Coffee. Look forward to jumping in on weekly group rides and checking out the shop through the glass. If you want a tour or would like to talk with Tony or Ira about bikes email us to make an appointment.


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