Meet the Rider: Ultra Endurance Riding

Posted on: February 11th, 2022

“It quite literally feels like this bike was built for me.”


Ultra Endurance Cycling on a Breadwinner Bike

Anne Moore is passionate about ultra-endurance riding (“Any distance gravel riding,” she says “with 200k+ rides being my favorite.”) and came to Breadwinner looking for a bike that could go the distance. A somewhat unique riding position had caused injuries in the past, and Anne was eager for a more comfortable solution. “I needed something very specific to allow me to go the extra miles without beating myself up.”

Designing a Custom Small Frame Bike

Anne, who lives in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, says Tony and Ira worked closely with her to build a very custom road bike that, she says, fit perfectly. “They addressed all my needs for the geometry and resolving some of the issues that arise with smaller frames, such as toe overlap and water bottle cage mounts, and were very communicative through the whole process.”  She also says she was surprised how quick and easy it was to get her questions answered along the way during the build process.

“It sounds like this would be a given with a custom bike, but honestly the perfect comfort and fit was surprising. It quite literally feels like it was built for me.”

In fact, the word “perfect” comes up a lot when Anne talks about her Breadwinner B-Road. “I have put thousands of hours on it and it’s the perfect ride every time. And I really love the overall smoothness of the ride. And, it’s a real head turner.  It sparks a conversation everywhere I go.”


“It’s a real head turner.  It sparks a conversation everywhere I go.”



A Love of Rough Terrain

This bike brought Anne to a win in the Master’s Women at The Rift in Iceland in 2019. “But honestly,” she says, “riding through the tough terrain/elements and sheer beauty of Iceland was the best, winning was just a bonus.”


Drinking Craft Beer and Traveling the World

Anne specializes in, as she puts it, “drinking craft beer and traveling the world.” To fund all of that, she is an endurance coach for cyclists, triathletes and runners all over the country. “It is so satisfying. I have the best group of athletes whom I adore.”

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