From the Philippines to Houston

Posted on: December 6th, 2023

I don’t get bored when riding this bike – even if I ride the same route again and again


NAME AJ Barretto

BIKE Breadwinner Lolo

HOME COUNTRY The Philippines


WHY BREADWINNER “Ever since switching to steel bikes, I’ve dreamed of owning a Breadwinner.”

Photos courtesy of AJ

“I knew the Breadwinner Lolo would be light, but I didn’t expect it to be this light. The bike is also fast and agile. It makes you want to go fast. The ride is very lively. I don’t get bored when riding this bike even if I ride the same route again and again.”

“My perfect day: it’s a nice sunny morning with a little bit of cool breeze and I can go for a ride in the city to stop by to my favorite coffee shop.”


“I’m temporarily living in Houston for a work assignment. The biking scene here is a lot different. In the Philippines, most of the bike routes require climbs where you climb like a goat and take your time. The joy of the ride is simply completing those climbs.

“Here in Houston, the area is very flat. There are a good set of bike trails around the city and along the bayous which allows you to ride fast and uninterrupted. I usually ride there when I am doing a solo ride.”

PHOTO CREDIT: @moisessirias

“Every other Sunday, I do join a group ride with @coffee.and.bikes. We go around the city visiting coffee shops and just enjoying coffee. This is one of the most inclusive bike groups. There are different people joining this ride just sharing their love of cycling and of coffee. We get riders joining us with different kinds of bikes from mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, to BMX, recumbent bikes, cruiser bikes even E-bikes. Some even bring their kids along via bike trailers. Regardless of your “type of biking” , everyone is welcome to ride, meet new people and have coffee.”

“My youngest kid is 4 years old and recently learned how to ride a pedal bike. I love riding with him in the parks or taking him to the bike park – just seeing him enjoy biking. I’m planning to buy another bike so I can join him at the pump track as well… hahah…. excuses haha.”

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The Lolo was made to dance up mountains and carve twisty descents. Mixing ultra-light and responsive Columbus Life tubing with decades of road racing and riding experience, this smooth riding, light steel tubing is TIG welded with precision and fitted with an Enve carbon fork, which results in a refined performance machine.

A modern road bike in design and style, with sloping top tube and double oversize tubing, the Lolo is a fast and responsive road machine that works and feels great all day long.


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